Environmental Portraits

Media Photography Skills

For my photography module at BCU, I was to create a series of 6 photographs to produce a portfolio of environmental portraits. The theme I decided to go with for this assignment was Vintage Shops. I chose this topic because simply, I’m a huge fan of fashion and in particular vintage clothing. Originally, I planned to take them only in Birmingham shops, but being from Doncaster and a huge fan of Sheffield, I knew more about the shops in Sheffield and ended up taking the majority of my shots back home.

Manipulated IMG_0676
Flamingo, Birmingham
Manipulated IMG_0680
Cow Vintage, Birmingham
Manipulated IMG_0689
Vulgar Vintage, Sheffield
Manipulated IMG_0690
Mooch Vintage, Sheffield
Manipulated IMG_0695
The New Shop, Sheffield
Cow Vintage, Sheffield

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