Blossoms – Charlemagne EP Review


After the release of many singles and their first EP; Blown Rose which came out in the Summer of 2015, this Stockport band released their second EP Charlemagne, which just seemed to throw them straight onto our radar.

2015 has without a doubt been an incredible year for them. With help from BBC Introducing, they are on the right route to becoming everything they set out for. They started off with Skeleton Key Records which was a good enough start for any band that early on in their careers but ending up on the same label as artists such as Elton John and Jake Bugg with Virgin EMI, this can only be the start of Blossoms’ incredible career in the music industry.

Charlemagne EP features four songs; Charlemagne, Across the Moor, Polka Dot Bones and For Evelyn. This EP has really identified their style (or at least it has for me anyway). Each song has a unique electronic key sound accompanied by some pretty smooth vocals. Now, no band particularly likes being compared to another band that’s killing it in the current time period, sure a classic influential band from the 80’s… but maybe not someone like Arctic Monkeys. Hear me out (If it’s pointed out to you, you’ll notice it, sorry if you’re going to have a permanent association with AM every time you listen to Blossoms now). The song that particularly identifies this similarity is. Polka Dot Bones, the combination of the drumming patterns and the occasional guitar riffs are very AM. But even more so, the vocals are quite Alex Turner, that could just be the northern side of both bands coming out, you cant really change your accent to differ from another northern band, can you?

Blossoms do have a specific sound, the keys that are in Blossoms’ songs are what make them different and their melodies are fresh and new and they’re just everything you want right now in the indie/alternative world of music. Seriously watch out for this band, they’ll be blowing up 2016.


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