Connect PR Agency

At Connect PR (now known as 8848 Agency), I worked as a PR Account Executive for one week at their office in Wolverhampton.

In this week, I undertook a variety of tasks such as, press releases, photography, press packages, social media and research. Amongst these tasks, I covered a variety of industries from home and gardening to interior design to home builders.

My main focus at Connect PR was on press releases, having never written them before until this placement, I was taught what to do and what not to do when writing press releases, as well as the formatting and making them most effective. By the end of the week my press release writing skills had improved and I was trusted to send a couple with no supervision.

I did a lot of social media and research for Lee Longlands, trying to increase his following on Twitter by researching similar companies and seeing how they target an audience and applying them to his accounts as well.

Overall, in my week at Connect PR, it opened my eye to the field of PR and promotions and in consideration to my true passion lying with music, it has led me to have a particular interest in music PR and promotion as a potential career choice.

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