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Cross Media Product

As part of my Media Production 1 module, I was to create a ‘cross media product’. This means a product that is a combination of two media areas. As my modules for semester one were live radio and music PR and Promotion, I decided to create a music promo package.

For this, I created a 40 second long piece of audio, promoting a new band’s single, including snippets from the song and narrative over the music giving information on the band, their single, release date and where to find them. To give context for this audible package, I decided it could be used in live radio as a ‘feature’, where the presenter focuses on a new band and promotes them through a promo package.


Live Radio Report

For my second year assignment in Live Radio, we were to conduct two live reports in pairs, with one of us acting as an on location reporter, while the other presents the show, introducing and closing the report.

In this, we used the telephone facilities to record the report while the reporter was on location. While this was easy to do, it was always hit and miss with how the phone call would record into Adobe Audition.


In the first half of this audio, Shannon is the presenter and I am the on location reporter, reporting on the current event, Digbeth Dining Club and forward promoting their upcoming event. I found this enjoyable and more successful than when I acted as a presenter.

In the second recording, Shannon reports on a Jake Bugg gig and I am the presenter, introducing and closing the report and creating context around the report to fit into an actual radio show.

Vegan/Vegetarian Cue Material

For my Vegan/Vegetarian radio documentary, I was to provide cue material along with my audio.

PRESENTER: “In 2006 there was 150,000 Vegans in the UK, this number is increasing over the years with more people turning to veganism. If you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of veganism and vegetarianism or the difference between them, considering its World Vegan Day, we’ve got an interview coming up next with a café owner from Digbeth who’ll tell you more about it…”

IN: “Starting in the sixties when veganism…”

OUT: The Smiths – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now plays

Vegan/Vegetarian Logbook

Along with my audio for the vegan/vegetarian documentary I had to provide a logbook, identifying reasons for my choices from the topic to the music, how I gathered the information and how I found the process.

  • Why I chose my topic

I chose to do a feature on veganism and vegetarianism because as a vegetarian, I was interested in the differences between the two diets and in particular, to learn a bit more for myself about veganism and the benefits.

  • How I researched my topic

I carried out my research by visiting a local vegan/vegetarian café (The Warehouse) to talk to the owner who has recently switched from vegetarianism to veganism to do an interview about the different diets, food substitutes and reasons behind them.

  • Editorial decision making

In my feature, I decided to open with The Smiths – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now as Morrissey is a well-known artist who is strongly against the killing of animals. This song continues throughout the feature in small clips. I chose to include Sweet Dreams – Beyoncé because it’s quite a low tempo mellow song to suit with The Smiths and to link in with the content of Beyoncé’s recent vegan diet.

For the interview I included a psychedelic rock instrumental for the background, it’s very subtle, you can only vaguely hear it in the background, this doesn’t interfere with the echo from the interview which makes it sound more atmospheric and obvious about where the interview is taking place.

The original interview lasted 19 minutes so I cut down a few responses to the questions and excluded a few questions that I didn’t think were relevant to my topic as they tended to drift off of the subject now and then.

  • Issues

When editing my package I was unsure as to which music would be suitable for the topic, I decided on using The Smiths and Beyoncé because of their connections with veganism, but I changed both of the songs to the final two from Meat is Murder and Crazy in Love. I changed Meat is Murder because I didn’t think the introduction would be appropriate for the radio as it sounds slightly graphic with the chainsaw and animals. I changed Crazy in Love to Sweet Dreams as this song suits The Smiths more.

  • What I learnt

Throughout my production, I learnt how to use recording devices properly, for example, Marantz. I also were able to conduct an interview successfully, achieving responses I hoped for that would suit my topic. Furthermore, I was able to do an interview with someone new who I approached through a recommendation and research into veganism in Birmingham.

I learnt how to use Adobe Audition in terms of uploading, editing and saving my files. On this software, I also learnt how to use multitrack to work on multiple files, cut files up and play them at specific times to fit in with my feature so they blend into each other making it easier to listen to.

  • What I think of my final piece

I think my final piece is quite successful. I conducted an interview with someone relevant to my topic, who is also from the local area and able to give quite a lot of information on the topic due to past experiences and knowledge. Although my artists used are quite different, I think they have mixed well due to the songs I chose, however, I could’ve used music that was more linked together and relevant to each other and maybe talked about Morrissey in my feature to connect the use of The Smiths in my introduction to the vegetarian/vegan topic.

  • Relevant radio show/time slot

I think my feature could potentially be broadcasted on Big City Radio, which is a community station in Birmingham. I chose this station because I think that to feature a local Vegetarian/Vegan café from Digbeth, which is a very community based café would fit well with a community radio station. I think the time slot for this feature would be mid-morning after the breakfast shows because it’s still quite early for just music shows, so I think a food feature may be appealing to morning listeners.