Music Industries Projects

Black Mud Records

founded by myself and four friends in 2016. Our project was for a duration of 3 months where we were to sign artists and hold a promotional event for them. For BMR, we were an indie label, we specialised in indie/alternative music. In the short space of time we had, we had to create the label, assign roles, brand the label, search for suitable artists, create an online presence, plan an event, hold the event, promote it, you name it we did it all in a short space of time.



Point PR

After the enjoyment from setting up a label in early 2016 and dealing with all the issues that came along with it, the following autumn, myself and four other friends created a Music PR and Promotions agency – Point PR. Like Black Mud Records, we specialised in indie, but more particularly with indie/singer-songwriters. We helped Andy Flynn, a solo artist, establish himself online with a trial run over 3 months of an online presence and we would use this to gain support and followers, we gave him a brand, helped him establish his musical identity for him to continue himself after the trial.


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